Başakşehir Living Lab is Turkey’s first Living Lab among 370 organizations approved by ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs.)

Başakşehir Living Lab is an environment in which products and services that are related to information technologies and design could be tested by real users in a real life environment.

Başakşehir Living Lab is an experiment, research and innovation environment that helps society see the real accretion value of new products and services.

Başakşehir Innovation and Technology Center building which belongs to Başakşehir Municipality has a fiber-optic internet infrastructure that supports speeds up to 1 Gbps, as well as a Gold level of LEED green building certificate.

Entrepreneurs with projects related to information technologies and design can work in the incubation area provided in Başakşehir Innovation and Technology Center and can benefit from all the facilities of Başakşehir Living Lab throughout the project period.

All our partner institutions and organizations can also have their place in Başakşehir Living Lab ecosystem with the same benefits and privileges.

Our focus area is innovation on ICT Technologies, all kind of ICT innovations are acceptable. Moreover, since we’re an institute of Başakşehir Municipality, Başakşehir living Lab has a special interest to smart city projects.

One of the crucial areas of Başakşehir Living Lab is a showroom. We have a 900 square/meter showroom that entrepreneur can show and test their product and they can take feedback from the real environment.

Moreover, besides our focus to the smart city projects, we’re supporting Entrepreneur eco-system and providing an environment to other entrepreneurs that work on ICT based projects.

Also, we support our entrepreneurs to get to the market within our network. And we’re providing services and support to the young growing generation about ICT and Design areas in order to raise awareness.

Also, we have annual competitions; Innovation Competition and Entrepreneurship Days.

Innovation Competition is a competition that entire Turkey’s university and high school students or teachers can apply. We organize Innovation Competition once a year. November of every year. We’ll be performing 6th generation of Innovation Competition. Moreover, there is an available cash award.

Entrepreneurship Days is a day that entrepreneur can present their projects. We organize this Entrepreneur twice a year. We performed 8th Entrepreneurship Day a month ago. Like innovation competition, there is an available cash award to support their project.

Entrepreneurs that work on information technology and design projects can benefit from the following support free of charge if their projects are approved by the committee.


1- In Başakşehir Innovation and Technology Center, Entrepreneurs can benefit from the incubation center and all facilities in the building such as Elektrolab, 3D Printer Laboratory, meeting rooms and video call rooms.

2- Entrepreneurs can benefit from consultancy and mentoring support in Başakşehir Living Lab during the project process.

3- Entrepreneurs can participate in our Entrepreneurship Trainings given by professional entrepreneurship experts at Başakşehir Living Lab.

4- All promotional, fairs, exhibitions, etc., where the Başakşehir Living Lab takes part. You can promote your products and services by taking part in the Başakşehir Living Lab stand.

5- Entrepreneurs can get all design support from IDF (Istanbul Design Factory) which is the solution partner of Basaksehir Living Lab.

6- Entrepreneurs can present their products and services in the User Experience Center and Product Display Area and create an environment for the end users’ experience.

7- In the Entrepreneurship Days that we organize every year, Entrepreneurs can expand your relationship network and cooperate with all institutions and organizations in our ecosystem.

8- Entrepreneurs can create test environments for their products and/or services that they developed and Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to test with real users in real life environment.

9- Entrepreneurs have a place on their news on the international platform through Başakşehir Living Lab E-newsletter and Enoll (European Network of Living Labs) newsletter that publishes every month.