About Atık Nakit (Waste Cash) Platform

About Atık Nakit (Waste Cash)  Platform 23 Sep 2019

Atık Nakit is the mobile platform that will link the incentive system between households and businesses that produce recyclable waste and the licensed collectors of municipalites that collects this waste. Once you have collected your recyclable waste in your home or business/office, you can make an appointment by contacting the licensed waste collector of the municipality through our mobile application. After collecting the collected waste at the appointment time by weighing it, waste profile is defined according to the weight of waste in your profile. With the points you have accumulated, we provide you with the opportunity to benefit from incentive gifts such as food items, cleaning sets or saplings planted on behalf of the site. We also offer donations to charities on the system.

Atık Nakit aims to facilitate the recycling of domestic wastes through the system it establishes and thus prevent environmental pollution.