19 Mar 2020
Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Technologies Are At The Service For Başakşehir Municipality

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Technologies Are At The Service For Başakşehir Municipality

Visiosoft , one of the entrepreneur teams developing projects under the roof of Başakşehir Living Lab, develops  Smart City applications  using Video, Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies.

The platform VisioAI for GIS Automates mapping using cameras and computer vision. It can detect and locate everything from images to signboards and road damages and makes it meaningful by AI algorithms. VisioSoft is a technology based service that automates processing and transformation of panoramic images with data using artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. Hence the platform provides faster and low cost solutions to city and road managements.

Thanks to  this technology which enables to work especially in the areas of municipal services and applications such as traffic and road inventory management, license plate recognition road damage detection, automatic signage measurement, zoning control, height information, automatic damage detection in earthquake and other disaster situations such as flood is possible.


20 Jan 2020
HOLOBOARD-Holographic Billboard Out of Home Advertising Solution

HOLOBOARD-Holographic Billboard Out of Home Advertising Solution

Başakşehir Living Lab Enterprenuer and Startup Smart Labs has developed “Holographic Billboard Out of Home Advertising Solution” named “Holoboard” which is a revolutionary and innovative technology that uses holographic digital advertising billboard for the first time in Europe and worldwide and it aims to change the industry of outdoor advertising. It reduces the investment costs of advertising publishers for digital signage units, it accelerates the digitalisation process of printed advertising spaces, it allows the creation of nested new and creative advertising designs, where you can use both printed and digital content together, it opens new sales channels to advertising publishers, and it pays the operating costs generated by printed advertising spaces with the profits of holographic digital signage sales. Holoborad aims to introduce our solution to the outdoor advertising markets to see how our solution offers significant performance improvements and how it will change industry by its potential.
Finally, Smartlabs Media Technologies Inc.; within the scope of the h2020 projects,  received the Seal of Excellence certificate from the European Commission with the OB HOLOBOARD-Holographic Billboard Out of Home Advertising Solution ”project.

7 Nov 2019


Başakşehir Municipality and Başakşehir Living Lab (BLL) and Bahçeşehir University is hosting the 2nd REGIONAL LIVING LAB SUMMIT- RLLS” in Istanbul during 04/05 December 2019. The aim of the summit is to form a creative eco-system model for Living Labs that empowers collaboration between local authorities, universities and users of innovations.

Başakşehir Municipality and Başakşehir  Living Lab are the leading organizations to empower the development of this innovation enviroment. They are willing  to organize this summit every year to ensure growth of the innovation eco-system and development of future road maps.

Innovative development can be successful with the decision power, the policies and the commitments of mainly municipalities and goverments supported by public private and academic innovation eco-systems.  Istanbul is a metropol city with a “creative innovation eco-system” of more than 60 various kinds of hubs.

Living Labs are becoming “facilitators of co-creativity and implementation of valuable products and services” for the cities. And hence empowering local governments for creating new business and services locally, while adding economic, social and political power to countries. There are dramatic paradoxes between creativity and the bureaucracy. Living Labs have a chance to break these paradoxes.  Living Labs can realize this through involving all the stakeholders in the idea development, planning and implementation stages.

The 2nd REGIONAL LIVING LAB SUMMIT 2019 will be realized with the participation of mayors, academicians, representatives from, ENoLL, EU and financial institutions as well as living lab experts.

21 Oct 2019
23 Sep 2019
About Atık Nakit (Waste Cash)  Platform

About Atık Nakit (Waste Cash) Platform

Atık Nakit is the mobile platform that will link the incentive system between households and businesses that produce recyclable waste and the licensed collectors of municipalites that collects this waste. Once you have collected your recyclable waste in your home or business/office, you can make an appointment by contacting the licensed waste collector of the municipality through our mobile application. After collecting the collected waste at the appointment time by weighing it, waste profile is defined according to the weight of waste in your profile. With the points you have accumulated, we provide you with the opportunity to benefit from incentive gifts such as food items, cleaning sets or saplings planted on behalf of the site. We also offer donations to charities on the system.

Atık Nakit aims to facilitate the recycling of domestic wastes through the system it establishes and thus prevent environmental pollution.

22 Jul 2019
Başakşehir Living Lab’s entrepreneur was awarded by Zemin Istanbul!

Başakşehir Living Lab’s entrepreneur was awarded by Zemin Istanbul!

Berke Dabağ (Founder Of Ancha Space and Takyon Ai. Inc.) one of the young entrepreneurs of the Başakşehir Living Lab, won the second place with developing artificial intelligence in order to create meaningful results of the visual data of Metro Istanbul in Istanbul’s Transportation Problems Hackathon at Zemin İstanbul, the innovation and technology center of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

20 May 2019
20 Apr 2019
Parsnova Software Launched REDKIT

Parsnova Software Launched REDKIT

ParsNova Software, one of the entrepreneurs of Başakşehir Living Lab, launched REDKIT, a cloud based restaurant automation application that can be used in all restaurant type enterprises.

25 Mar 2019
OpenLivingLab Days: Call For Papers Is OPEN

OpenLivingLab Days: Call For Papers Is OPEN

The call for submissions to the 10th OpenLivingLab Days in Thessaloniki is now open. 

We invite you to send your contribution to work on the theme of the OpenLivingLab Days Co-creating Innovation: Scaling up from Local to Global. If you have a great case study, a piece of research or on-going project you want to share with the Living Lab community, then we encourage you to submit a paper to the conference.

You can submit papers in four different categories:

  • Full Research Papers.
  • Research-in-Progress Papers.
  • Doctoral Consortium Papers.
  • Innovation cases/project from industry/practitioner/innovation agents,

The deadline for submissions is April 26th, 2019 6pm CET.

To see the full text of the call please consult either ENoLL or OpenLivingLab Days websites.


20 Mar 2019


Globax technolgy was the 3rd in the ”Pioneers of Journey” innovation and entreprenuership competition organized by Sabancı Holding- Brisa, one of the largest industrial and financial holdings of Turkey