Başakşehir Living Lab – Projects – An application that makes trying different styles of glasses possible virtually

Smart Store – Smart store solutions using RFID and NFC technologies

Mobile Health Station – A mobile health kit which can measure and report basic health parameters to technological mobile devices

Fentek – Unmanned aerial vehicles (uav)

Stone Paper– A kind of paper which be is produced from calcium carbonate and biopolymer

Biopipe – Waste water treatment system

Smart Hotel – A mobile application which enables controlling some functions from mobile phones in hotels and rest areas

Paralised Patient Washing Bed and Ozone Foot Dryer with Ozone

Codevist – I-beacon systems developed using Bluetooth technology

Panpa Chat – A social media platform

Speak to English – An application for those willing to practice their foreign language skills

G-Box 3D – Gift boxes intended for children that include short movies, audiobooks, music, story characters and objects

UNV 3D – A platform which includes basic and advanced 3D printer design lessons for those interested or studying design

PureBrush – Toothbrush

Metroplus – Public transport optimization

Gadron – An application for real estate value determination

Libventure – An e-book access system

Dersalver – A meeting platform for teachers and students

Duyum  – Home automation for deaf people