EnoLL and Living Labs Network

One third of Living Labs registered to EnoLL(European Network of Living Labs) are in the field of ICT (information and communication technologies).


Examples of Living-Labs around the World

Trans-national Nordic Smart City Living Lab (Keldnaholti, Reykjavik, Iceland) – Pilot Project: Energy Saving in Houses and Transportation. (In accordance with the Smart City objective in Scandinavian countries)

DINO – Digital Information, Navigation and Orientation Project (Valletta, Malta) – A tourist-friendly mobile application which can navigate the tourists to the places they want to go using digital map and digital compass. The app can also show information about the place in question.

Helsinki Living Lab (Finland) – A communication hub. A Living-Lab center which maintains coordination with other Labs around Helsinki

Stockholm Living Lab (Kista, Sweden) – Projects: Eldercare, joint service portals for SMEs, coordination with Living Labs in Baltic countries and opening country markets, commercialization of institution research results

Interactive Media and Virtual Reality (Budapest, Hungary) – Making information transfer much more effective by using Panoramic Broadcasting Technology and Advanced Virtual Reality. Areas of usage: education, medicine and rehabilitation, executive coaching, security personnel training etc.

City Card (Eindhoven, Holland) – A service card which is given to every Eindhoven citizen and which includes many public services in a single card

Energy Saving City (Lausanne, Switzerland) – A study of energy saving in both indoors and outdoors. An open lab study carried out by the usage of iHomeLab and outdoors.

For further detailed info please click www.openlivinglabs.eu.