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Why Başakşehir?


Başakşehir is one of 39 districts of Istanbul. With its population of 380.000, it is located on the European side of Istanbul and covers a large area of 104 km2.

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Başakşehir Living Lab will be hosting the 3rd Regional Living Lab Summit 2020 (RLLS’20) during 25-26 November 2020. The aim of the summit is to form a creative ecosystem model for cities by developing Living Labs and empowering enterprenuers around the region through...

Başakşehir Living Lab 10 th Entrepreneurs Day

From 44 applicant innovation projects 20 finalists attended Başakşehir Living Lab 10th Entrepreneurs Day held on the 18th of June. The event was performed over digital platform. The purpose of entreprenuers days are to open a channel for enterprenuers to promote their...

What is a Living Lab?

A Living Lab is an environment in which any development in a field of study can be tested and applied with real users in a real life environment.

These environments can be cities, universities, public parks, agricultural lands etc. The environment needed is selected depending on the product in development.

There are various techniques and methods used in order to develop products in Living-Lab environments. While these methods are used in order to get the results of higher level researches, techniques in question are specific procedures that are used in order to gather data.