Tickets are now available for purchase for OpenLivingLab Days 2015. Follow the link below where to can purchase your ticket directly by paying by PayPal or Credit Card or afterwards by bank transfer.

Participant Ticket €150.00
Participant Ticket with Social Dinner Boat Cruise (27/8) €190.00
Student Ticket €75.00
Students Ticket with Social Dinner Boat Cruise (27/8) €115.00

Please note that paying members of ENoLL benefit from a 40% discount on full participant tickets(with or without social dinner). This discount cannot be applied for student tickets. Apply your personal Living Lab discount code before the purchase of your ticket to benefit from this reduction. If you have not yet received your discount code please contact

European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)

If you need an invoice to go along with your ticket please request this at the time of purchasing your ticket via Fikket as it is not possible to issue it retrospectively.